“Jenny Hill” Exposed: Leader of Anti-Islam Group PEGIDA is Chatham-Kent Resident Janice Bultje

At left, Janice Bultje and Phil Bultje are recognized for their support of the Eben-Ezer School’s gymnasium project. At right Janice Bultje speaks at PEGIDA rally in Toronto, Ontario February 22, 2019.

(Toronto, 2019)

Anonymous activists in Toronto have identified the leader of the anti-Muslim hate group PEGIDA Canada. PEGIDA Canada is a subsidiary of the German PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West). Activists have confirmed Hill’s identity as one Janice Bultje, a resident of Chatham-Kent in Southwestern Ontario.

Organizing under the alias “Jenny Hill”, Bultje has been responsible for headlining contentious and frequently violent monthly “Rallies against Radical Islam” in communities throughout southern Ontario. These events have often spiraled out of control as far-right groups such as Yellow Vests Canada, the Proud Boys, Soldiers of Odin, Wolves of Odin, Canadian Combat Coalition, Jewish Defence League and christian extremist group “the Servanthoods” have turned out to support Bultje’s message.

Journalists in Toronto have recorded frequent violent confrontations between Bultje’s supporters and local anti-racist activists, union members and even the police. Her Yellow Vest and Servanthood supporters have also been linked to a violent disruption of Hamilton city’s Pride parade which resulted in numerous arrests and triggered a civic crisis which has plunged that city into chaos.

“Month after month we’ve seen “Jenny Hill”, who we now know as Janice Bultje, organizing and headlining hate-rallies in Toronto. Many of these rallies have turned violent. Bultje has consistently engaged in the wilful promotion of hatred against Muslims in Canada and has brought a collection of far-right groups and individuals together for this purpose. It’s good to finally know more about the organizer behind these rallies” said an activist with a Toronto-based anti-racist group who spoke to The Scaffold on condition of anonymity. “She has invested a lot of effort in maintaining her anonymity. Even reporters like Sue Ann-Levy, writing for the Toronto Sun, have used her alias “Jenny Hill” when quoting her for publication.”

Bultje was identified as a result of a major donation her husband Phil Bultje made on behalf of his Chatham-Kent construction company, Southwestern Construction Inc. to Eben-Ezer Chistian School, helping to pay in part for a $1.2 million gymnasium expansion, as reported by Chatham Daily News. A photo of Bultje was published online, alongside her husband in an article about the gymnasium’s completion. Phil Bultje is also the Chair of the Eben-Ezer school’s board of directors.

The website for Eben-Ezer Christian School states that the school was opened in 1973 and as a primary school is devoted to “instructing His covenant children not only in the “three R’s”, but also in the fear of His Name”. Calls to the school went unreturned by press time.

The Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS) , based in Vancouver, lists Jenny Hill (Bultje) as the Canadian Director of the PEGIDA organization. The CASIS website lists Pegida’s philosphical underpinnings as nationalism and anti-Islam on a portion of its website reserved for “violent transnational social movements”.

According to the Chatham Voice, Phil Bultje is also a partner in a carbon neutral greenhouse project “Truly Green”.  A twitter account linked to Bultje routinely tweets criticisms of the US democratic party, and retweets conservative accounts including figures like US President Donald Trump and Sebastian Gorka, a disgraced former Trump advisor who was linked to a Hungarian far-right party.

On September 16, 2019 Ibrahim Henein, 64, was convicted for assaulting a woman with a cane during a PEGIDA rally at London, Ontario’s city hall. Henein, a supporter of Bultje’s group, had insisted that he was a victim of the assault. Video evidence played in court established that Henein was in fact guilty of an assault. He awaits sentencing later this week. Bultje’s group has condemned the conviction as the ruling of a “Liberal judge”.

As of the publishing of this report, PEGIDA Canada plans to rally in Toronto, Ontario on September 28, 2019 at 2pm. The location for that rally is yet to be revealed.

One thought on ““Jenny Hill” Exposed: Leader of Anti-Islam Group PEGIDA is Chatham-Kent Resident Janice Bultje

  1. As someone who grew up in this ultra conservative ‘church’ with the Bultje’s, this doesn’t really surprise me. While most people in this religion wouldn’t go to the extremes that Janice Bultje did, her views aren’t far from the narrow-mindedness that is taught in this religion. These people have their own private school, as mentioned in this article, so that they can ‘keep apart’ from these ‘undesirable’ people (muslims, as well as other immigrants from non-white, non-Christian nations). The irony here is that these people are, for the most part, first and second and third generation Dutch immigrants themselves. I am assuming their immigration to Canada and the USA was acceptable, though, because they are white protestants. I would love to see someone tear down this discusting, foolish woman, her organization and all those that share her beliefs. I only pray that….there’s a special place in “hell” for scum like this who spend their time, money and resources promoting hate and division.

    Ironically, Pegida states that it is an organization working, among other things, “Against religious fanaticism, against any kind of radicalism, together without violence,” . The religion that Janice Bultje is a member of is, itself, fanatic in it’s beliefs. And Pegida Canada, under Bultje’s lead, has proven to be violent during its demonstrations. This seems hypocritical, no?

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