Why is a Proud Boy Supporter Advising an Ontario Minister?

The Ontario Minister for Infrastructure, Laurie Scott, has now for two weeks, refused to comment on or acknowledge the fact that she is apparently employing a Proud Boy Supporter as her communications advisor.

The supporter, one, Marshall John Darbyshire, helped organize and participate in a 2017 Proud Boy “Halifax 5” support rally at Queen’s Park for 5 men who were punished by the Canadian Forces for their membership in the now listed terrorist entity, the Proud Boys.

Those men were exposed after harassing Indigenous elders demonstrating against a statue of Cornwallis in Halifax. During the support rally, Laurie Scott’s comms advisor, Jonathan Darbyshire, handed a megaphone to notorious Neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier, Paul Fromm.

The Anti-Terrorism act, 2015 was tabled by Stephen Harper to protect ‘critical infrastructure’ from terror groups. How in the hell is an on-record supporter of a terror group who platformed a neo-nazi at a rally for them, advising Laurie Scott on anything?

Do they still employ other members of the group in senior roles? 100%. We’ll say with some authority that the Proud Boys were a militant youth wing of the Ontario PC Party in 2017. The party is linked to material support for terror.

Jonathan Darbyshire poses with Ezra Levant at a 2017 Pro-Israel Ryerson Event. Levant employed the founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, at ‘Rebel Media’ when this photograph was taken.

Why, even after being alerted, and after a federal designation of the Proud Boys, is Laurie Scott retaining a supporter of a terror group as her advisor and steadfastly refusing to respond to emailed inquires or voicemails on the subject? Have her messages been screened?

They took your JOBS, they took your BUSINESSES they had you EVICTED, but they appear to be willing to die on this hill, defending a terrorist supporter, paying him public funds to access and advise the senior levels of the Provincial government.

And it’s not like they needed to look very far. One of the first search Google search results for Darbyshire’s name shows that he was accused by a free speech nonprofit in 2017 of barring student journalists from a far-right event. Is opposition to the free press really the acumen of a communications advisor?

As we saw at the US Capitol, sympathizers of terror groups working in public office have a habit of using their influence to leave doors unlocked and hallways unguarded. This isn’t just a short term security risk. It’s permanent as long as he is in proximity.

Supporters of the Proud Boys, sympathizers with their twisted, violent and hateful ideology are a lasting security risk in any democratic society. He needs to be gone yesterday. Laurie Scott needs to resign for knowingly shielding him and failing to respond to any inquiry.

We must rally the people of this city, of this province and bring Doug Ford, Laurie Scott and all of the cryptofascists in his now clearly criminal administration to account! Laurie Scott that she knows how, and where, this ends. It is a dangerous business, aligning yourself with terrorism. Inaction is not an option.

They didn’t disavow the Proud Boys, they kept paying them while people starved and got evicted. This means the life of one hateful white man is worth way more to Laurie Scott and Doug Ford, than yours.

They’re more willing to kill you than they are to punish their own.

And that fact, that fact: That shouldn’t just piss you off, it should give you an idea of what you, your friends, your community should begin to do about it.


3:00PM 02/11/21 Following the publication and dissemination of this article, The Scaffold made Legislative Protective Services at Queen’s Park aware of the allegations against Darbyshire. LPS agreed to open an investigation using the information that was provided.

6:00PM 02/11/21 Jonathan Darbyshire has updated his LinkedIn profile to show that his employment with the Minister for Infrastructure ended, after six months, in February, 2021.

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