The Scaffold is a platform that can be used to build anew, to support, to speak publicly or, to execute. We strive to serve as Canada’s  independent news, multimedia and opinion site for the left and far-left. Because it’s 2019.

We will use The Scaffold to challenge prevailing trends in the dominant culture of both Canadian society and progressive spaces, confront individuals and disrupt or goad complacent institutions by providing an insightful and incisive source of news, news satire, opinion and analysis from a wide array of left and far-left perspectives across a variety of mediums.

One thought on “About

  1. LOL. Playing dangerous games, Kevin. Threatening people. THreatening politicians. You may well get a surprise from The State for your conduct. You are a pathetic, larping weakling, Kevin. A bully of old ladies (actual women, elderly ones, at that). You support internationally prohibited terror groups like the IRA and YPG, of which there is ample archived evidence. Real ones, unlike the ridiculous virgin Larpers of PB.

    You are adjacent to people like Hundert, and it would come as no shock were you engaged in criminal conspiracy with them. You should be careful you don’t get caught in the net you devote yourself to setting for others.

    Your radicalisation to violent extremism in the past two years has been meteoric.I notice you describe yourself as an expert in radicalisation and terrorism. That seems apt.

    Your writings sound just like the rantings of the terrorists of The Weather Underground.

    You’re not legally immune to consequences under Civil Law if you continue to libel people. Is Stephen Ellis still your lawyer, Kevin?

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